Rich With History

Rich With History

Rich With History

River Haven of the Wolf is one of Wisconsin’s longest standing log cabins. Its history is intertwined with that of the community surrounding the cabin and Wisconsin’s lumber industry.

As lumbermen and loggers migrated North through Wisconsin, a great need arose for lodging the travelers along their journey. Between 1860 and 1885, the Wolf River was a hot spot for over a dozen of these resting locations that would become known simply as the Log Cabins. The Log Cabins contributed greatly to the development of the upper Wolf River’s lumber industry as well as tourism for the surrounding area.

River Haven on the Wolf is the last of the original Log Cabins built by farmer, logger, lumberman, and Civil War veteran Chris Hill. While most Wolf River cabins were roughly constructed to fulfill only the basic lodging requirements, the Log Cabins were built for comfort and accommodation. Their location along the Wolf River also provided direct access to some of Northeastern Wisconsin’s best wild game hunting and trout fishing. In 1875, a correspondent of the Wisconsin Lumbermen referred to the Log Cabins as “a favorite summer resort for sporting gentlemen.” Another correspondent of the Milwaukee News wrote that within four miles of the Log Cabins could “be found as good trout fishing as there is in the State.” Hill’s Log Cabins are considered Wisconsin’s first fishing resorts.

Today, the last of Richard Hill’s original Log Cabins is known as River Haven On the Wolf. 150 years since its construction, River Haven on the Wolf is now a vacation destination built upon a foundation of values and traditions such as family, hospitality, and an intimate connection with nature. River Haven on the Wolf offers comfortable accommodations to families, friends, sportsmen, groups, wedding parties, retreats, and more. While the cabin has updated its name and undergone some internal modernization, great measures have been taken to preserve both its historical and holistic appeal. The cabin’s prime location along the Wolf River is still an unrivaled hot spot for hunting and fishing, and the serenity induced by its natural beauty is still unmatched.

River Haven on the Wolf is rich in history, community, nature, and comfort. It is our goal that guests leave our cabin with a newfound connection and appreciation of these values and make returns to River Haven on the Wolf a tradition of their own. Come discover the hidden riches of Langlade County and the Wolf River!

Lumberjacks standing on a pile of logs.
Lumberjacks standing in the woods.
Lumberjacks on a break.

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